A Better Bradhurst
Starts With a Heart For Business.

The Bradhurst Merchants Association is a 501(c)6 organization located in Harlem's Bradhurst District. This effort was initiated for business-to-business networking and relations purposes. As business owners, it is important to connect with other community business community owners, provide support in promoting the Bradhurst area, and its businesses, as well as reach out to new perspective members and/or business people who are interested in opening businesses here.

As we continue to grow and cultivate the area, the organization is expanding its efforts to provide residents/consumers with unmet goods + services needed within the community.

Since 2009, we have supported businesses & residents within the Bradhurst business district & led the effort to attract quality businesses along the 145th Street corridor.
— LaChena Clark, President

Goals & Objectives:

1. Create a unified shopping destination for residents and business owners
2. Work with community CBO’s to fill vacancies, attract and retain viable businesses to the area.
3. Decrease unemployment
4. Bridge the language and cultural gaps
5. Ensure continued sanitation services and enforcement in the Bradhurst Community
6. Ensure and maintain adequate lighting of all areas to promote the safety of the Bradhurst Community
7. Promote the Bradhurst Commercial District as a viable business center providing all goods and services
8. Support Initiatives that bring foot traffic and tourism to the District
9. Community awareness of Bradhurst
10. Create a Business Improvement District