A Heart For Business. A Heart For Bradhurst.

In addition to supporting existing businesses operating within our neighborhood, The Bradhurst Merchants Association is committed to attracting a variety of quality goods and service based businesses to the community to better serve it's residents.

Over the years, the Bradhurst business district has been plagued by blight and many stores have closed due to the economic downturn, so we consistently seek new opportunities to restore our beautiful neighborhood.

The Bradhurst Merchants Association continues to seek new members, continues to support small businesses and continues to advocate for the Bradhurst Business District.  If you are a merchant or corporation either located in or doing business within the Bradhurst district and would like to become a member, we would love to have you!

Notable Community Partners


HCDC plans and facilitates a wide range of community revitalization initiatives, strengthening upper Manhattan and its economically and culturally vibrant communities


HCCI provides economic development and empowerment opportunities to help Harlem residents rebuild and sustain their community.


HCC provides resources for budding entrepreneurs and business owners, academic enrichment and mentorship for youth and adults, and skills training for all Upper NYC and Bronx community residents.

Business Resources