A Better Bradhurst Starts With Community.

The Bradhurst community goes from 140th Street to 155th Street, from Malcolm X Blvd to Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., to Edgecome and Bradhurst Avenues.  The area has attracted major supermarkets, banks coffee shops, gyms and market-rate luxury condominiums, co-ops and rental apartments. The Bradhurst District is one of the last neighborhoods in Harlem undergoing development and reconstruction.

90% of the Bradhurst community is comprised of African-American, Latino & Asian residents. Over the past (27) years, the Bradhurst area transformed from a blighted area into a vibrant community with the help of community based organizations focused on developing new residential structures and expanding commercial businesses in the under-served community, which has increased job opportunities for the residents.

The Bradhurst Merchants Association, Inc and Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc continue outreaching to the business and residential community for participation and growth of the area. The major goal is to develop a Business Improvement District to facilitate more community activities, involvement and traditions.